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Whatsapp feedback

Whatsapp feedback

by Geoge Nchindo -
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Good Morning parents

We sat and discussed your comments and suggestions. Therefore, we came to the following resolutions:
1. *Junior Primary* : It was discussed and agreed that only two subjects will be taught on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to give little ones to learning.
*Senior Primary*: All six subjects in all grades will be taught on Mondays, and Thursdays with a period of 72 hours to complete given work. We have extended the learning period
2. Discount: discussed and agreed that there will be no discount given to parents because of the financial situation of the school.
3. All subjects that were not through are now open in the exception of Grade R and Grade 3 which will be resolved soon.
4. Due to the regulations put by the state, we will not be able to provide hard or printed material. Kindly follow the videos uploaded on how to access the system and all inquiries should be done through class teachers or subject teachers.
5. Learners that left books at school may collect today morning.
6.Computer Lessons: The learners were following a set of competencies during computer lessons and when it was time to move to access internet the lockdown was imposed upon us.

MAPPS Principal